Refinance Guide

The Newrez Refinance Guide

Take Control of Your Assets

Your home loan is a big part of your financial life. So, when your needs in life change, we believe your loan should adapt as well. As your advisors, we'll spend time getting to know your loan situation and financial goals. Our competitive rates, one-on-one customer experience, and portfolio of innovative products will make the path to your mortgage refinance quick and painless.

Refinancing can help you get cash from your home loan, reduce your monthly payments, and even change your term and lower the overall amount you pay in interest. Since every loan is different, your options depend on the type of loan you’ve secured, but we’re experienced in every type, so we can help.

An Introduction to Refinancing

It's important to have a complete picture of your refinancing options and the requirements, benefits, and situations in which each would suit you. You may have already pinned down why you want to refi, or identified a loan that will suit your refinance. Chances are, you want to lower your rate to lower your monthly payments, shorten your loan term to save on interest over the life of your loan, consolidate your debt, or obtain cash for some major expenses you see coming down the line.

Regardless of where you are in the process, it is important to learn as much as you can about these refinancing options and what else we can do for you! Get the full guide below and find out how Newrez can help you with your refi journey. 

Get the Full Guide

At this point, you know a mortgage refinance can help you in a number of ways. Refinancing is all about making your home work for you. So however you wish to refinance, you’ve got options. This guide will help inform you on which loan will be right for achieving your home financing goals.

Find Out How a Refinance Could Work for You

Now's the time to start your refinance application and work with a Newrez Loan Advisor to reduce your payment or shorten the term of your mortgage.


Run the Numbers for a Refinance

See your mortgage calculation with our Refinance Calculator below. Select your price, down payment and mortgage terms to generate an expected monthly payment and potential savings over the life of your loan.