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Thinking about refinancing your home?

Refinancing can help lower payment or payment term, get you a better rate, or give you access to quick cash! We have simplified the process so that a refinance is easier than ever!

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Get a Better Interest Rate

Many homeowners choose to refinance because current interest rates are lower than the one their loan currently has. Depending on what kind of loan you choose and its term length, refinancing at a lower interest rate could save you money in the long run, or allow you to potentially raise the amount of your loan that you’re paying off each month while continuing to pay the same amount out of pocket in order to shorten the length of your loan.

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Disclaimer: by refinancing the existing loan, the total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan.

Take Cash Out

What is a Cash-Out Refinance?

A Cash-Out Refinance is a mortgage refinance that allows you to access equity in your home. By refinancing and using the equity already in your home to take out cash, you can get access to money at a lower rate than you would if you instead got a personal loan, as mortgage interest rates are generally lower. And instead of adding another monthly payment to your list, you’ll only have to make one — your regular mortgage payment.

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Refinance Your Mortgage to a Shorter Term

Are you concerned about the number of years left on your current mortgage, or did you first take out your loan when rates were high? If so, you could shorten the term of your home loan through refinancing. By lowering your rate to today’s best offerings, you could continue making the same payments you always have but shorten your overall loan term at the same time. You can also refinance to a higher monthly payment to pay off your loan faster, saving money on interest in the process.

Compare Short and Long Term Mortgages

Disclaimer: by refinancing the existing loan, the total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan.

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