Homebuying Guide

Understanding the homebuying process

The homebuying process can be overwhelming, confusing, and even scary — but we're here to help. Learn what to expect in the mortgage process, step by step. You’ve got this!

Learn about the mortgage process

Prequalifying is simple

By getting pre-qualified, you’ll get a better idea of what you might be able to borrow, which means that you’ll walk into houses – and negotiations – with a solid understanding of your finances and what you’re able to bring to the table.

Get pre-qualified

Mortgage Rates

Learn about today’s rates

Learn more about what goes into a mortgage rate, what kinds of rates are available to you, how your rate will be calculated, and how you can ensure that you get the best mortgage rate.

Mortgage Rates

Find out what you can afford.

Try our suite of calculators and tools to get a better understanding of how your finances impact your options. 

Mortgage Calculators

Find out what you can afford.

See all of our tools

Loan Amount Estimator

Enter your preferred monthly payment, down payment, and more to determine how much you could qualify for.

Loan Term Comparison

Calculate how different loan terms affect your rate, amortization, and monthly mortgage payment.

Mortgage Payment Estimator

Estimate your monthly mortgage payment based on loan amount, interest rate, and other important factors.

Rent vs. Buy Comparison

View the financial benefits of buying versus renting based on your current rent and desired home loan.

Why Newrez?

Newrez believes the lending business shouldn't just be about home loans - it should be about homeowners. That's why our employees get to know our customer's real needs, through final closing, and beyond.

  • Industry leading loan options

  • Simple pre-qualifications and application processes

  • Loans for everyone, from seasoned investors to first-time buyers

  • Putting power back into underserved communities