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Received a Transfer Letter?

Welcome. We're glad you're here.

We believe trust, integrity, and sound practices are the cornerstones of relationships. We are committed to providing you with quality service and an exceptional experience. The servicing of your mortgage loan includes collecting payments as well as paying taxes and insurance - this change in servicing does not affect any terms of your mortgage contract other than those directly related to servicing your account.

We want to provide you with tools and options to make managing your loan simple and easy. Once you create a profile, you will have online access to view statements, make payments, and even chat with a Customer Care representative to address any questions you may have.

Please note: You will not be able to create an Online Account until 4-5 days after the transfer date (provided in your transfer letter).

Mortgage Transfer FAQs

When and how do I make my next payment?

Payments should continue to be made to your existing servicer until the transfer date.

After your transfer date, payments can be made to:

PO Box 740039
Cincinnati, OH 45274-0039

Please be sure to include your Newrez loan number on the check.

When will my loan be active at Newrez?

Your loan will be active on our systems approximately 5 days after your loan transfer date. The reason for this time between your loan transfer date and your loan activation date is because we will need to get your loan information closed at your previous servicer time, reconcile the information and open your account at Newrez.

What happens during the transfer process?

Newrez receives all of the data about your mortgage account. Your previous servicer is required to send you a notice that your loan is being transferred and we also send you a notice that we will be taking over the servicing of your account going forward. Once the transfer is complete, we post all payments as of the date of receipt and make your current account information available to you via an Online Account and through our Customer Service Department.

When can I start making payments to Newrez?

We will start accepting payments directly to Newrez starting on your transfer date. But, payments will not be posted until after your loan goes active.

What if I want to make a payment now?

Please make your payments to your previous servicer up until your scheduled transfer date. All payments after your transfer date can be made to Newrez.

Will I get specific information regarding Newrez?

Yes. A welcome packet will be mailed to you approximately 10 days after your transfer date.

Will I have a new loan number?

Yes. Your updated loan number will be included in your welcome packet.

Is there a website I can visit to access my loan information?

Once your loan is active on our system, you can create an account using your newly assigned loan number. Using your newly assigned loan number, your loan level information can be viewed by signing in from

Why was my mortgage transferred to you and what does it mean?

It means that your previous servicing company has sold the servicing rights on your mortgage to another company. In your case, Newrez. A transfer of mortgage servicing doesn't mean that there were any issues with your loan or credit history, it just means that going forward, Newrez will collect your payment, manage any escrow transactions, and provide all the customer service for your home loan.

Will I need to change my online bill payee name?

Yes, for payments after your loan transfer date can be made to Newrez on your banks bill-paying service.

I can see that you cashed my mortgage payment check. When will my payment be posted?

We may be still setting up your account or waiting to receive your account information from your previous loan servicer. During this period, any checks or payments we receive will be cashed and held for processing. Once all your account information is received, we will apply your payment - showing the date it was received in the mail.