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Tips for your next Permanent Change of Station

Read Time: 6 Minutes April 30, 2024

Embarking on your next Military Permanent Change of Station (”PCS”) journey? Navigate the relocation process smoothly with expert tips and strategies. From organizing your move to settling into your new home, discover invaluable advice to ease the transition for you and your family.

Before you move...

Your new neighborhood is more than just a home for your family - it’s a community with opportunities for your family to thrive and learn.

  • Research neighborhoods to narrow your home search.

  • Consider commute times to your base, jobs, medical providers, and daily shopping.

  • Consider researching crime statistics for the neighborhoods you’re considering.

  • Research and discover the best schools in the area for your children.

  • Search for local amenities that are important to your family.

  • Identify available housing in your target neighborhood that your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) will cover.

Helpful Websites

Help with your school homework

Finding the ideal school is the biggest concern for Military families with children. Are you look- ing for a public, private, charter or home school community? You’re not only looking for a school that performs well but you are looking for a place your child can call home.

  • Identify the school or district that will best meet the needs of your child.

  • While ratings and test scores are important, it’s also important to recognize programs the school may offer such as immersion or robotics programs, extracurricular activities, and class sizes.

  • Determine the commute from/to home and/or work.

  • Identify the class size and student to teacher ratio.

  • Research special course offerings or extracurricular activities that may benefit your child.

    Helpful Websites

  • Great Schools

  • Seven Things You Need to Know About a New School

Helpful Websites

Military resources for PCS’ing families

You can simplify your family’s move by using resources provided by the Department of Defense and other not-for-profit organizations.

If possible, visit your new installation to identify resources and services, and to meet your reloca- tion assistance point of contact. This person will assist you with contacting your installation’s Family Support Center and transportation office.

Schedule a meeting with your base Transportation Office to identify all the options and assis- tance available to your family. Establish an appointment with your new base’s finance office to discuss your relocation options and benefits.

Another great tool to help with PCS’ing is the PCS Guide and Moving Checklist provided by

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