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Military Community Outreach

Read Time: 6 Minutes April 30, 2024

Newrez is committed to honouring and supporting Military and Veteran communities through impactful community investments.

Newrez is dedicated to transforming the lives of Military Servicemembers, Veterans, and their families through impactful community investments. From home makeovers to grants and support for Veteran-focused organizations, we prioritize initiatives that enhance employment, family and financial readiness, housing and mental health, reaffirming our commitment to those who serve.

Transforming Homes

Newrez proudly sponsors Moving with the Military, providing deserving families with transformative home makeovers while sharing their inspiring stories nationwide. Through this series, we illuminate the remarkable sacrifices of our service members and their families, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation within our nation. By showcasing their resilience and dedication, we aim to honor their commitment and create a platform for their voices to be heard. Our sponsorship reflects our unwavering support for those who serve and underscores our belief in the power of storytelling to unite and inspire communities across America.

Moving with the Military Videos



Hawthorn Hills Makeover. All new season of Moving with the Military. We’re excited to announce our 2024 season of Moving with the Military, surprising more Military and Veteran families with one room makeovers. 

Learn about our Military Family Advisory Council and how we’re supporting our Military and Veteran communities here.


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