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Saving for a Down Payment in the Gig Economy

While the gig economy job structure is ideal for many, it can also create some unique financial challenges. This is particularly true when it comes to saving for things like retirement or a down payment on a mortgage.


What is Escrow?

Escrow is an important (and necessary) part of many big purchases, but it often catches first-time buyers off-guard. So, let’s take a look at what you can expect from an escrow account and how it will impact your home purchase.


What to Ask Your Loan Officer

Throughout the mortgage process, you’ll come across many different people, each with a unique role. One of them is the loan officer, who serves as the primary point of contact for your mortgage lender.


Spring Buying Season

It’s time to take advantage of the spring buyers’ market. Review these 5 tips to buying a home in spring.


Mortgage Applications Set a Record for Third Straight Week

"Entry-level housing supply remains weak and is likely hindering some would-be-first-time homebuyers from finding a home. This, along with faster growth in the higher price tiers, is why the average loan application size has risen to a new high for three straight weeks."


Mortgage 101: Lingo You Need to Know

If you intend to buy a home in the near future, a mortgage is probably part of your plan. This special type of loan makes homeownership a reality for most Americans, who otherwise couldn't afford to make a purchase of that size.