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Newrez Family of Companies Honors America’s Heroes

To thank United States Veterans for their service and dedication to our country, Newrez extends gratitude to their employees and customers who have protected our freedoms close to home and around the world. With 17.4 million veterans, 1.3 million active-duty service members, more than 1 million members of the National Reserve Forces, and over 2 million military families in the U.S., it is important that we all take the time to thank these brave individuals.


“We thank our veterans, active duty, Reserve and National Guard service members, as well as their families and loved ones for their unwavering support. Not just on Veterans Day, but every day, Newrez celebrates and appreciates those who have honored our country with their service and sacrifice,” said Baron Silverstein, Newrez President.


We are proud to serve America’s military and offer homeownership options for service men and women across the United States through Department of Veterans Affairs home loans. VA loans can help make it easier for veterans and active duty service members to qualify for loans and help save them money when refinancing their homes. For more information on how VA loans can help benefit a veteran or active-duty military member you know, click here.