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Newrez Awards Employee Service Awards

Newrez Awards Employee Service Awards

Mortgage lender and servicer selects two recipients for community service recognition through Multiplying Good Partnership

Fort Washington, PA (September 3, 2020) - Newrez LLC (“Newrez” or the “Company”), national mortgage lending and servicing organization, announced the recipients of their second quarterly recognition program for employee volunteerism. Jefferson Awards Foundation (JAF) is a national awards program run through Multiplying Good, an organization dedicated to helping companies encourage and promote employee service to their communities. In June, Newrez celebrated their first ever annual JAF award recipient and the Company is now proud to recognize two employees as part of the quarterly program.

Newrez is pleased to announce that both Shawna Clark, Underwriting Manager, and Fred Lenz, Loss Mitigation Supervisor, have been selected to receive the company’s JAF Champion awards for the second quarter 2020.

“Our community investment initiative, Newrez NOW (Neighborhood Outreach Works), is comprised of multiple components, including the Multiplying Good recognition programs,” said Baron Silverstein, President Newrez LLC. “JAF is specifically executed through an internal nomination process, encouraging employees to recognize and elevate one another. We are extremely proud of Shawna and Fred for their commitment, passion for giving back, and contributions. Both have made significant impacts, dedicating their time to building and supporting their respective communities.”

Shawna Clark, a resident of Philadelphia, founded Shawna’s House in 2011 to fill a void she recognized in her community. Now hosted in a public library, Shawna’s House provides healthy social networking for teens and adults in Philadelphia with a mission to encourage, support, guide and advocate for the well-being of others. Each month, Shawna chooses a topic that she feels will benefit her program participants the most, including topics such as self-esteem, learning effective assertiveness, and healthy relationships. In addition to the discussion themes, Shawna teaches a financial literacy clinic and regularly engages her group in community service projects. Recently, the teens and young adults of Shawna’s House collected clothing and toiletries for the homeless.

“I have always been a mentor to young girls in my community but saw the need for a similar mentorship that included young men. As a mother of four children, I always left my door open should other kids in the neighborhood need to talk. For the idea of Shawna’s House, I just took that idea and formalized it so I could open that up to more kids in the area who needed a safe space for discussion,” said Shawna regarding the origins of her 501(c)(3). “I have definitely been able to use my profession in the mortgage industry to teach a 30-minute financial literacy clinic, sharing knowledge and skills that are so valuable to teens and young adults.”

Fred Lenz has been on the Mesa, Arizona Little League Board of Directors since 2002 when his own son first began playing. In the years since, Fred has also acted as local Board President, working to coordinate up to 450 players annually as well as managing registration, schedules, teams, and communications with the city parks department and vendors. The Little League Organization highlights the intrinsic life lessons that can be gleaned from baseball, a sport that relies heavily on individual accomplishment to achieve team successes. In addition to teaching the core values of the sport, Little League is a non-profit membership organization comprised of international, national, regional, district and local league divisions. Regardless of where a player participates, the League aims to promote life lessons beyond the field through leadership, enthusiasm, and commitment.

“Acting as President of the Board of our local Little League is not dissimilar to running a small business. There are a lot of moving parts to make sure we are ready for the season, but the real reward is being a part of a community-focused organization that has also given me great memories. Both the children and parents look forward to our Opening Day Celebration each year, and we can’t wait to get back in the game when COVID is no longer a concern,” said Lenz of his time with the Little League.

Jefferson Award recipients have included hundreds of national figures over the past four decades. More than 63,000 community activists, volunteers, and advocates from hundreds of communities across the country have been recognized as JAF award winners. Each of these individuals are representative of the kind of character and moral fortitude that is empowered and elevated by Multiplying Good’s mission. Newrez is proud to have added two more employees from their team to this list of esteemed individuals.




About Newrez LLC

Newrez LLC (Newrez) is a leading nationwide mortgage lender and servicer. As a lender, Newrez focuses on offering a breadth of industry-leading products, supported by a loan process that blends both human interaction and the benefits of technology into an unparalleled customer experience. Founded in 2008 and licensed to lend in 50 states, Newrez is headquartered in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania and operates multiple lending channels, including Correspondent Lending, Wholesale, Direct-to-Consumer, Retail, and a network of joint venture partners. The servicing business operates through Newrez’s servicing division, which consists of its performing loan servicing division, Newrez Servicing, and its special servicing division, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing. Newrez also has several affiliates that perform various services in the mortgage and real estate industries. These include Avenue 365 Lender Services, LLC, a title agency, and eStreet Appraisal Management LLC, an appraisal management company. Newrez is member of the New Residential Investment Corp. family. More information is available at


About Multiplying Good

Multiplying Good is a national nonprofit that channels the power of public service to unleash potential in individuals. For nearly 50 years, Multiplying Good has honored those who build better communities, trained young leaders, and activated individuals and organizations to multiply the impact they can deliver. Through a continuum that starts with engagement and culminates in celebration, Multiplying Good fuels personal growth and multiplies the power of service to others. Through recognition, they inspire individuals and those who hear their stories to deliver greater positive change. You can learn more about the organization by visiting or engaging with their online communities via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.