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I am here to assist you with your financial goals. I will help you consider an array of mortgage solutions that are in agreement with your wants, and your needs.

My success in this industry is not by luck, as I have committed myself to being an expert in the field. This has led me to the following core principles: (1) I will always respond to clients same day (2) I will update my clients as we move through every step of the mortgage process (3) I will close on time.

Upholding this commitment to each and every person I consult ensures world-class service and more importantly, customer satisfaction. If you want to get started on a home loan, contact me today!

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Oct 14, 2020

13 Mortgage Terms You Need to Know

We realize the mortgage process can be daunting for any home buyers, but NewRez is committed to helping our customers feel confident in anything mortgage-related. To that end, here’s a few often-misunderstood mortgage terms in plain English.