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Our 2023 Holiday Campaign

Read Time: 5 Minutes January 17, 2024

One of our favorite holiday traditions, the annual Home for the Holidays campaign, recently concluded its 4th year!  Newrez employees worked together to raise an astounding $262,638 for our partners: The National Coalition for the Homeless, Feeding America®, and Toys for Tots®. Our partners work to house, feed, and spread holiday joy to communities across the nation.

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The continued success of our holiday campaign is owed to the generosity of our employees, who continue to live our company values and exemplify their desire to “care fiercely” for others!

Our annual campaign featured holiday-themed volunteer opportunities in our offices, a 2x match on employee donations, and a toy drive in each office spearheaded by our Community Engagement Councils. The Home for the Holidays campaign also featured an opportunity for our employees to put their “day jobs” to work! For each positive action a servicing employee assisted a customer in making, we donated in their honor to the campaign. For the second year, we employed a “flash give” that tripled campaign donations and doubled all other donations for a limited time.

As we entered our 4th year of the campaign, we refreshed the details with the addition of two new features: a Giving Tuesday gift and Leadership Challenge. In November, we celebrated the nonprofits we know and love on Giving Tuesday, a national day focused on giving back to our communities and supporting charitable organizations.  To recognize the nonprofits our employees are passionate about, we gifted all employees a “giving gift card” to donate to the charity of their choice.

Our second addition leaned on the friendly competition of two of our favorite leaders: Shane Ross, Head of Servicing, and Joshua Bishop, Head of Servicing Operations. Shane and Joshua ultimately faced off in a “Top Chef®” style cook-off competition in Houston, but not before racing to out-raise each other in donations to Toys for Tots®. The winner of the initial fundraiser was awarded a few perks to help him out in the cook-off.  Joshua Bishop won the initial fundraising competition, Shane Ross won the cook-off, but the real winners were the thousands of children across the country who benefitted from the extra support this holiday season.  The competition was organized and hosted by our Houston Community Engagement Council, a huge undertaking led by Councils Chairs LaWonda Wilson and Doran Davis. For those not in Houston, the competition was livestreamed to all of our offices across the country.

In total, Shane and Joshua fundraised $112,107 for Toys for Tots®. In addition, our offices across the country held donation drives all month long, collecting an incredible 7,501 toys to donate to Toys for Tots®.

The 2023 Home for the Holidays campaign was one to remember and we are so excited for 2024!


Feeding America® is a trademark of Feeding America, Toys for Tots® is a trademark of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, and Top Chef® is a trademark of Bravo Media LLC. None of the previously mentioned companies are affiliated with Newrez.


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