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NMLS# 284140

My name is Svetlana Anna Miller and I am a Senior Loan Consultant at NewRez in Strongsville, Ohio.

From my 16 years experience in working in the mortgage and banking industry, a big advantage of working at NewRez is the corporate and branch support we receive. With continuous training and support, I am able to acquire the knowledge needed to work quickly, efficiently and productively. It's my belief that NewRez has put in place everything needed for us to successfully do our best for our clients. There are training classes every week, meetings and readily available managers to help us keep current with the ever-changing rules for mortgages and the mortgage programs offered. We believe that Knowledge is Power, so keeping everyone informed is a huge benefit that NewRez offers.

NewRez is like a family, not only branch wide, but corporate wide too. We provide fast underwriting, and closings.

Let me offer you a chance to have NewRez be part of your family too.

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    Strongsville, OH 44136
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Mar 19, 2019

Mortgage 101: Lingo Need to Know

If you intend to buy a home in the near future, a mortgage is probably part of your plan. This special type of loan makes homeownership a reality for most Americans, who otherwise couldn't afford to make a purchase of that size.