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NMLS# 1481180
GA #51614, MO# 18750-MLO, MA# MLO1481180

Casey has been in the customer service industry since 2009 and joined NewRez in 2016. She prides herself on understanding the customer’s concerns and educating the customer on mortgage loan options so that the customer can make the decision that is best for him or her. Casey’s biggest concern is making sure she keeps the lines of communication open with the customer and answers any and every question the customer may have. Casey earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. She currently lives in Frederick, Maryland.

  • 6250 Old Dobbin Lane, Suite 110
    Columbia , MD 21045
  • 240-843-4124
  • 610-629-6359

What Clients Say

Mar 19, 2019

Mortgage 101: Lingo Need to Know

If you intend to buy a home in the near future, a mortgage is probably part of your plan. This special type of loan makes homeownership a reality for most Americans, who otherwise couldn't afford to make a purchase of that size.