Home Improvements: How to Add Curbside Appeal on a Tight Budget

Home Improvement Ideas

Home Improvements: How to Add Curbside Appeal on a Tight Budget

Improving your home can be a costly process. From garage remodeling to room renovations, learn about the different ways a Cash-Out Refinance can aid you in improving your home.

Door Dazzle

Your front door is often the first thing that people will notice about your house, so you want it to reflect your style. Whether it’s painted garnet red or seashore blue, giving your front door some character and flair is an easy and low-cost way to dramatically add to your home’s appeal. Be sure to choose a color that also coordinates with the tones inside your home. You should also aim to create a contrast between the front door and the façade. For example, a red door teams very well with a white façade and black shutters. Additionally, adding a seasonal wreath to your front door will add an even warmer, “Home Sweet Home” effect.  Finally, a welcome mat can not only be useful for keeping your carpets clean but the slogan you choose for it will also show your festive spirit.

Potted Plants

Another way to amp up the appearance of your home includes adding some potted plants out front. This idea helps create a more rustic feel right outside your door. Some plants such as boxwood not only grow to 3 or 4 feet high, but they maintain their green color even during winter. Just make sure that your potted plants are in a spot that gets plenty of light and about half a day of sun. Additionally, adding your home address in calligraphy to a big porch planter or with one number placed on a series of potted plants offers an opportunity to add even more uniqueness and charm. Another adventurous idea for creating a country feel on a front porch is to use artificial ivy panels. They are available in easy to apply squares and can be easily mounted on a wall or fence.


DIY Flower Bed

A fun project idea that will add natural beauty is creating a flower bed to the front of your home. Ideas for where to put them include the front entryway, along a fence or around a tree. This project will take one year to do; however, you can create amazing new flower beds without any digging. The first step in the process involves covering the area with about five sheets of newspaper. Next, add rich soil or compost atop the layers of papers. They will decompose while at the same time adding nutrients to your flower bed. Make sure to water the soil through the year as needed. In just one trip around the sun, you will have rich soil ready for planting some colorful beauties ranging from marigolds to sunflowers! This is an inexpensive project that will not only beautify the outside of your home but will also help you stay connected to nature.


Solar Lights

Maintaining your front lawn is a task that will always add curbside appeal. By installing solar lights, your home will have spectacular appeal even after sundown. Solar lights can be used to line the edges of your driveway and/or the walkway to your front door. They are also great for illuminating the backyard and accenting your landscaping. Installing them is an easy project, however, solar lights do require sunlight to function so proper placement is important. They need to be inserted into the ground, so the project does require a little digging and you may need to wet the soil first. Pair your solar lights with flameless solar candles placed in each window of your home to create an incandescent nighttime display. The best part about solar lights and candles may be the fact that they are powered by the sun and require no electricity.


How Much Do Home Improvements Cost?

Approximate costs: A gallon of paint for the front door will cost about $30. Potted plant holders can range from $20 to $70 depending on the size. Wreaths start at $30. Solar lights are $8 each on average. As you can see, home improvements start to add up. One way to lighten the load is a Cash-Out Refinance. Not only will you be able to lower your monthly mortgage payment, but you can tap into your home’s equity to pull cash-out and finance all these awesome home improvements. Apply for your Cash-Out Refinance and start improving today!